Quote of the Day

This is my personal website, where I keep the old projects I have worked on in my spare time. My professional website is located at


Just another milepost on the highway to obsolescence!

Uh, I've never been too good at generating anything resembling content on any of my personal web sites. This is mainly a dumping ground for my numerous half-finished projects.

I've made a few Flash animations, none of which are amazingly great. I also sometimes take photos of things around me, usually in a humorous or ironic way. You can view all those pictures in the Gallery. I also have some articles, but I'm sure nobody really wants to subject themselves to the torture of having to read through them. You might find my Moblog to be slightly more upbeat and interesting.

And let's not forget the old standards... I've set up AWStats to track the bandwidth used by the web server in case anybody happens to care.

Enjoy your visit. Or, at least don't get hurt. Or, at least don't get hurt too badly.